Sunday, May 26, 2019


  • ECL is a declarative type of language used for big data processing.The basic building blocks of the ECL code are definitions which helps in bringing out extreme concurrency (parallelism) in execution.
  • ECL supports embed code, which increases the expressive power of the language.Languages like Java , Python , R , SQL , etc.
  • The main objective of the program is to interface Octave, a open source platform primarily intended for numerical computation.
  • The basic requirement for interfacing is wrapping of data types, which is necessary for parsing data.The whole project basically lies in this sector. My first mission will be is to successfully able to parse the data.
  • Mentor for my program is Dan S. Camper . I am grateful to have such a resource person guiding me through this program.
  • I am thankful to Intern program manager Lorraine Chapman and Dan S. Camper for accepting my proposal and offering an opportunity to work as intern at HPCC Systems.
  • Program starts from 27th May continues till 16th August.
  • This summer internship is going to teach me lot of things . I am sure the knowledge I get from this program will help me in my future career.